Google Android vs Nokia Symbian

Google Android vs Nokia Symbian

On the web, for many months a lot of questions about Nokia are circulating without official answers.

Nokia will abandon Symbian? Nokia will adopt Android? Nokia will also run Windows Phone 7?

Meego, born from the combination of Nokia and Intel, it seems already a good project but failed.
Now, Nokia seems to promise a new Symbian but even here investors and customers seem skeptical, because Nokia is lagging behind the competition.

Is a good thing for Nokia to adopt Android?
Technologically yes and strategically not.

An expert as Wozniak says that Android is the future… Yes i agree, Android will be for mobiles as Windows has been for PCs (iOS will be important but NOT the killer OS).

In any case, developers and hackers have already shown that it is possible to port Android on Nokia (series n8x0 and n900). Visit, for example, the site of

My personal opinion is that Nokia will not take Android as the sole platform for its hardware.
Nokia will develop for sure a new version of Symbian, faster and easier for the developer community (QT is the name of technology).
I predict that Nokia will leave the door open to end-users can install Android as an alternative, and perhaps this will be the good middle way that will save the technological expectations of consumers and the strategic future of Nokia.

As said before, the keystone seems to be the Nokia QT technology, which will allow developers to create a single application and deploy on Symbian, Meego, Maemo and other operating systems for mobile and tablet.

In any case, we look forward for more news …