Tucanna tFlow 1.2 preflight, pdf server, color management

Tucanna tFlow 1.2 preflight, pdf server, color management

The tFlow architecture facilitates agile addition of new features and functionality, and with your positive feedback, we have been able to address many of the wishes and suggestions from previous versions.

Most important new functionalities:

1. Support of new file formats
In addition to PDF, new formats have been added such as separated PDF, EPS, PS, bitmap formats such as TIFF, JPEG, and PNG, as well as even Microsoft Office files*. All files are converted to PDF, preflighted, fixed, and color managed according to your needs! Among other things, this functionality allows you to use tFlow as a PDF server. *A copy of MS Office needs to be installed on the tFlow Server machine.

2. Addition of extended colormanagement and devicelink profiles
Based upon ”State of the Art” devicelink profiles from ColorLogic, this new addition makes tFlow a complete ColorServer with standard devicelink profiles for current printing standards included as part of the system, and with optional extended and Ink Saving profiles making it an Ink Optimizer solution as well.

3. Advanced user management and user groups
The administrator may now manage different user configurations to create client permission levels for seeing jobs, seeing queues, deleting files, etc..

Tucanna is a global developer and supplier of software solutions for the printing industry, founded in 2006 and headquartered in Villarreal, Spain. Its development facilities are located in Verona, Italy. Tucanna develops “software for humans”: simple, elegant, user-friendly and yet powerful in the most complex processes; helping customers raise productivity, reduce costs and improve quality. Tucanna solutions are widely used throughout the printing industry spectrum from traditional offset and flexo to digital and large / wide format printing and mixed environments. Tucanna is represented by partners and authorized dealers all over the world.

About TUCANNA Solutions
Tucanna PrintControl® is an easy-to-use solution for standardizing printing presses easily to achieve predictable printing results. The user is led intuitively through the processes that are necessary to establish optimal and repeatable printing conditions. PrintControl delivers effective process control and production security. Tucanna RapidCheck® is a solution that examines whether all printing parameters comply with standards ISO 12647-2, 12647-3 and GRACoL or other user-defined in-house standards. A single measuring procedure is all it takes to acquire the relevant data, analyze them and present them in graph form. In the event of deviations from the specified tolerances, the printer can then quickly make the necessary corrections on the press and thus ensure compliance with the selected printing standard. Tucanna tFlow® is a revolutionary, cross-platform (Mac or PC) preflighting, color transformation and workflow automation concept. Designed in an innovative app-style, tFlow enables comfortable, fast and secure PDF workflows, for both digital and traditional print businesses. The idea could not be expressed in a better way:
“The complete production workflow at your fingertips! “

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