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Artificial intelligence is an increasingly contemporary topic. Whether it is scientific, medical, industrial, or even artistic, it poses humanity to ethical and moral questions of enormous proportions.

Going through the classic science fiction canonisms with the contemporary scientific chronicle suggests a story that raises questions about the value of emotions, feelings, and the possible coexistence of the human being with the car. At the heart of the story is a young pair of researchers who get the job of testing an evolved artificial intelligence model. The android should be subjected to field testing by inviting an unknown host to interact by simulating human attitudes.

The text and direction are by Raffaele Lamorte (29 years old) who has produced a show characterized by a strong, dry and violent language with intense and controversial content that prompts a reflection. On stage there are Luca Durante (27 years old) in the role of Eddie, a researcher entrusted with the project; Valentina Sandri (22 years old) is Emma, deus ex machina, who breaks up the issues related to the ethics and morality of artificial intelligence; Giulia Aglianò (23 years old) interprets Amanda, Eddie’s life and work partner; While Eleonora Monticone (22 years old) falls in the role of Ida’s android. The costumes and scenes are by Manuela Gi, while the original soundtrack is by Dino Olivieri.

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