Have you noticed, with what arrogance and abuse of power, social and content networks have behaved in recent times?
And, as a simple electronic artist, I have never written strange things, violent or prohibited content, neither political propaganda.
I have always limited myself to publish my illustrations, my videos, my music, just and always artistic productions praising beauty, clean and unrestricted content right for all audiences.

Yet lately Facebook, Instagram and other platforms had started to make a heavy shadow ban on the content of many artists like me, and myself of course.
Maybe because some hidden powerful bots has decided that my profile, for some mysterious reason, is uncomfortable, unwanted by these big companies, and therefore to be censored in a nuanced way.
I have an unresponded questions: Will I have criticized any of their behaviors as I am doing now? Will I have used words (in private) intercepted by the various voice-rec-bots present in our PCs, smartphones, TVs, various addons? Who can tell. Their actions are always and all opaque.

The worst episode, however, has happened this morning.

I have produced a new music video, “The Sand of the Sea” taken from my album “ZENTAO Relaxing Music Vol.1”.
I publish it on youtube, ok.
I also publish it on my (preserved even not used) facebook artist page, ok.
Then i try to access my historical flickr account (15 years and 150K followers), nothing, error, the account seems mysteriously deleted.

I try to ask them for explanations, no answer. Anything, 15 years of beautiful artistic content, thousands of engaging comments, friendships, all gone without a word.

You have to know: Flickr has always been a controversial platform in which, besides very normal, educated, respectful profiles like mine, with beautiful and clean materials, there were profiles that used to publish obscene, disgusting and shabby material, not subject to any kind of censorship for many many years until today.

It may be that for some reason my account was closed based on the report of someone jealous (since yesterday I was one of the most appreciated historical flickr accounts with a huge number of followers and visits and likes and comments), or that he was hacked and canceled with a huge lack of security and privacy, or that it was canceled by the company that a year ago has acquired flickr after I, in the face of obsessive spam on their part, had decided to conserve and use my free account instead of switching to a very expensive PRO account. A mistery.

In short, it’s not a big problem.
I just decided to create a gallery section here on my official website, with all the materials well organized and hosted by me. So no one will be able to “delete” them from night to morning (I still have several backups scattered in the cloud, ready to be restored in minutes).

As time goes on I will do the same thing with the original videos of my music and with the high fidelity files of my music albums, so you, my public, you can download everything without any problem and 100% for free.
All in our personal freedom, respect, in a direct way, not intermediated and controlled in any aspect by crazy multibillionaires.

We have to get back the control.
We have to go back to a 90’s style Internet, because this, frankly, is very far from that spirit, an asphyxiating and suffocating orwellian distopic dark superpower we have to fight to make burning again the flame of Light.

My best wishes,

NOTE May 3, 2020: Flickr has fully restored my account. They say it was a security or server problem on their side. Anyway, no problem, but the sense of this article is the same: we have to take back the control of our content. Ciao! d